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Time, clear and shallow, days, overlapping. Some yellowed memories, in the dark river of the years, are mottled. No matter how the mind is salvaged, what is found is nothing but a broken piece of wreckage. Therefore, I like to hold a prime pen, and I will be younger and touch a little ink, and I will smudge it into a beautiful scenery. Put some of the see-through, invisible dust edges, just for the soft time accompanied by the ink mokingusacigarettes.com. A cup of tea, a book, is enough to embellish the lonely sorrow of my life, so that the original thin time becomes beautiful and colorful, lively and fragrant. I often think that if I have never met a word in this life, then I will no longer expect to have an afterlife. Long time, if there is no text, I must have already condensed into frost. When a warm sun comes quietly, it has turned into a mist and disappeared into the cold lake. However Marlboro Lights, I am lucky. On the road of a hundred thousand turns, I smashed the words and warmed up the simple and mediocre little days Marlboro Cigarettes, so that I no longer feel uneasy and confused. My left hand is the Yunshui Zen heart in the text, and the right hand is the earthly fireworks in the real life. In the past years, it has quietly merged into a scent of ink, leaving a quiet night on the cascading moon, gentle moonlight. No words, quietly came to the table next to me, and I shared the graceful light dance in the text. It is like my confidant friend, accompanying me through every lonely night. The moonlight is clear, the book is a companion, and weaving countless dreams like illusion. In the book of the Book of Songs, the shadow of "the moon is out, the people are stunned" reverberates in the clear shackles Newport Cigarettes. The loneliness of "toasting the moon, the three people into the shadows" was released on the night of the lingering glory... The late autumn of the phoenix phoenix, people feel more and more cool. The autumn rain wet the season, and it also wet my heart. At this time, I took a book that was calm and clear, and suddenly my mind was broad. Some worries of sorrow, sink into the sea in a scent of ink Newport Cigarettes Coupons. A heart, in the world's fireworks, quietly blossoming flowers to bloom like flowers, landing dust. A beautiful life will be filled with a strong smell of fire, and it will be stained with dust in the darkness of the passing years. Some people, as time goes by, go on the title page of life without leaving a trace of a chapter. Those who have shined before, thousands of years later, who will tirelessly recall? I do not exclude fireworks, because a person who does not eat the fireworks, will always feel some cool taste. She is in a high court, and it is inevitable that loneliness will swallow Fanghua. If a person, blindly fireworks, and revolves around her husband's children all day, isn't it a waste of time? It would be better to take a moment to hold a piece of ink, dyed and drunk, and white dew as a frost. The so-called Iraqi people are on the water side. "And the book is a singer, waiting for a bright encounter of the spring flowers and autumn months. Shallowly sing a poem, turn the time of the shackles into a life of poetry. After a meal, a bunch of simple sunshine, goods A cup of tea, in the text, shallow and slow, only to do the woman who is happy and happy. Keep a quiet time, look at the flowers and flowers, listen to the sound of the piano, the fragrance of the past gradually, no longer expect a time I just want to spend the simple and simple life, the rough tea and the light meal. Let the west wind blow the eyebrows and let the ink fragrance render the empty soul. Waiting for the time to grow old, wishing you a thin body, you can also find a
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